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The Best Real Estate Dialer Today

A real estate dialer is a crucial part of making more calls and getting better leads.

And most are easy to use, meaning you can simply focus on doing what you do best – buy and sell houses.

We know, there are a lot of choices, so we want to help you cut through the noise, pinpoint what capabilities are most important for your success, and provide you with our thoughts on choosing the right one for you.

Key Dialer Features

Auto or Predictive Dialing

This is the most essential feature of a good dialing app. It allows you to place multiple calls at once and connect you to a live person only when someone answers.

Local Presence

You want the recipient to see your local phone number on their caller ID when they answer the call — making them more likely to answer the call in the first place.

Voice Mail Drop

Automatically leaving pre-recorded voice mails will save you time, talking to real people and not their machines.

Let’s look at our top choices for real estate dialer.

Our Recommendations – Top Real Estate Dialer


JustCall Logo

JustCall has all the features you need to make more calls and sell more homes — it automates call tracking, recording, auto-dialing, SMS campaigns, and call logging.


Make and receive calls from anywhere in the world using your online browser. Maintain a local presence while working remotely by using local area codes and phone numbers.

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